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The Taj Mahal. The sacred Ganges River. Vibrant saris in every color. The fragrance of curry. Tiger eyes burning bright on an India tiger safari. An adventure travel vacation to India, Bhutan is waiting for you to discover Asia's magical cultures and natural treasures.

India is a place of the senses. It’s the sight of soft pinks and whites of marble palaces, bold yellows and brilliant reds of tribal costumes, fortresses rising out of golden desert sands. It’s the haunting sound of traditional music. The feel of intricate gold embroidery on a scarf; the intoxicating fragrance of gold and red curries, black cumin, and just-steeped Darjeeling tea.

Up until now, exploring India has been a puzzle, even for intrepid travelers. Local infrastructure has limited most itineraries to one or two regions, allowing for a limited understanding of all that this fabled sub-continent has to offer. Bushtracks Expeditions is the first company to offer regional private air luxury India travel, so you can now experience both North and South India in a single journey, without the exhaustion and discomfort of nine-hour coach rides.

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